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Our rapidly evolving world has brought forth an astounding array of innovations in healthcare, this blog is dedicated to shedding light on these advancements. We have four different blog series, Beyond the Bedside, Artificial Intelligence, Health IT and General and Research, explore them here.

As healthcare professionals, we understand that adding value to our healthcare systems goes beyond direct care delivery on the front line. In this series of blogs, we will be engaging with healthcare professionals who have taken lateral steps along their journey to improve how we deliver care and influence the healthcare space in other ways. We will explore their experiences and insights, shedding light on diverse perspectives within the industry. Join us as we delve into alternative avenues of impact in healthcare.
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Artificial Intelligence

A.I. is a truly revolutionary technology. There isn't any industry it won't change forever, and healthcare certainly won't be exempt from this. With this blog series, we aim to cover everything from "what is A.I." and how it is being used in healthcare right now, to what the future of healthcare might look like with AI. Come join us in exploring artificial intelligence in healthcare.
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Health IT and General

Health IT updates, exploring everything from apps to improve how we work and patient-facing systems to enhance patient care. In this series, we also include more general blogs discussing the history of care delivery and how it has evolved.
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Research and Case Studies

This blog series features specific research, case studies, and audits carried out in the health IT space, including everything from how healthcare teams have been using the Eolas Medical platform to studies evaluating new technologies in the space.
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